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Let Us Guess...

Pain is getting in the way of the game you love. Each summer, you're limited to the number of rounds you can play because of the debilitating lower back pain or bum shoulder you're dealing with. Frustration and hopelessness kick in and you blame it on the fact that you're getting older... right?

This is the mindset we've all been brainwashed into believing. Your pain isn't a consequence due to your age. It's time to kick this false claim to the curb. We're here to prove that to you.

Why should you work with par four performance?

As two individuals that have dealt with sport-related pain, we understand your frustration. We also have a firm grasp on assessing pain, prescribing movement to relieve underlying issues, and improving performance at the same time.

We've worked with dozens of professional athletes, individuals with movement disabilities, and every walk of life in-between. With over fifteen years of total experience combined, we're confident our unique skill sets can help anybody in any situation.

Here's Our Process...


Step One

Contact us to determine whether we are a good fit for your goals.

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Step Two

Proceed with the Par Four Performance assessment protocol.

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Step Three

Start training and seeing life-changing results both on and off the course!

After figuring out our plan of attack most appropriate for you, we will develop a program and provide you with the best possible service we can. It's our mission to help you improve the way you move and get you back to loving golf without having to worry about getting hurt.


ALLOW us to  help Take your game to the next level: