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We believe that you're an athlete regardless of who you are. Therefore, you should treat your preparation and training as one. Our mission is to provide you with innovative and applicable training information for both the golf course and everyday performance. 


Joe Gambino
Director of Rehabilitation

Hey there, I'm Joe. Thanks for stopping by!

I am one of the Co-Founders of Par Four Performance, as well as a Physical Therapist at Perfect Stride Physical Therapy in New York City. I am also a physical therapy provider for Clinical Athlete, a global database designed to help connect athletes and weightlifters with health care practitioners.

Before becoming a Physical Therapist, I was a Strength & Conditioning Coach at Queens College, St. John's University and Long Island University. With a strength and therapy background, I have a unique understanding of proper rehabilitation to get you back to the activities you love most. Whether your goal is to hit the links pain-free, or improve your health and mobility, I can help you get there.

In my down time, I enjoy craft beer, traveling and fostering dogs.  Want to learn more about my treatment and training methods? Check out my Instagram page or email me.

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Frank Duffy
Director of Performance

Hi there, I'm Frank.

Alongside being one of the Co-Founders of Par Four Performance, I am also the Head Coordinator of Strength Camps at Cressey Sports Performance in Hudson, Massachusetts. Everyday, I train individuals that have their own unique background, from a training, desired goal, and injury history perspective. I firmly believe that in order to achieve our goals, we need to keep ourselves healthy. Whether your goal is to shoot under 80 on the golf course, or play with your kids pain-free, it all starts with an educated approach to training.

While I'm not coaching people, I enjoy reading, writing, and the New England craft beer scene. Want to learn more about me and my training style? Check out my Instagram page or feel free to shoot me an email.

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Kirk Adams
Golf Fitness Specialist

Hey guys!  Thanks for checking us out.  I'm Kirk.

I am the Head Performance Coach at Golf & Body NYC.  We're an indoor performance facility that helps our members improve their game through a team approach of instruction, fitness and wellness.  My goal is to help my clients play better and enjoy the game for a lifetime.  Prior to that, I was a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Penn State University where, along with volleyball and soccer, I worked with the men's and women's golf teams.

Like you, I want to be healthy, strong, look good at the beach and play great golf. I've dedicated myself to learning as much about golf, fitness and nutrition as I can.  I want to be a little better tomorrow than I am today and this is where I want to share with you what I learn.

How can I help you be healthier, feel stronger, and play the best golf of your life?To learn more, follow me on Instagram and e-mail me your questions.  I'll see you on the first tee!