Unlocking Your Swing Installment 8: Loss of Posture

Perfection: the action or process of improving something until it is faultless or as faultless as possible. (via Google)

The goal of the playing golf is not to reach perfection, but it is to get as close as possible. The mechanics of our swing only provide half of the equation towards a great golf swing. The other half is determined by the way we move and control our body. If you struggle with either sides of this fence, we can all but guarantee that your swing is far from optimal.

Today, we'd like to discuss the swing characteristic known as loss of posture. In the video below, Joe breaks down the importance behind having adequate upper body mobility to ensure that your posture deviations aren't coming from range of motion restrictions.

Lack of mobility, stability or strength can all lead to the loss of posture in the golf swing. Loss of posture is defined as any significant alteration from the body's original setup angles during the golf swing. If you struggle from inconsistent contact and suffer from tons of block and/or hook shots, your posture is probably altering throughout the swing.

As we mentioned earlier, the mechanics behind your swing could be the culprit behind your issues. If this is the case, we highly recommend seeking out a credible swing coach within the local area. If you lose your posture during your swing, focus on improving the following to help you near perfection in your swing.

  • The ability to touch your toes.
  • Good squat mobility.
  • Good core and hip strength.
  • Good hip and shoulder mobility.

While Joe touched on the upper body exercises we like to use to combat posture restrictions, Frank discusses two drills that he uses to teach proper hip position combined with true upper back rotation. If you can't rotate through your hips and thoracic spine properly, you'll never golf up to your potential until addressing these issues.

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