Simple Steps to Prepare for Your Next Round [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’ve been playing golf for awhile, there’s a good chance you have a subconscious shot routine that’s been ingrained from the countless repetitions you’ve performed. Having a routine is great on the course, but do you utilize one prior to the round ahead?

If you answered no, it’s in your best interest to begin developing one today. A routine that becomes habitual can help you feel great before heading to the first tee box, mentally prepare you for what’s ahead, and even help lower your scores.

The infographic below lists five simple steps that you should incorporate to improve your chances of shooting lower scores. While we don’t expect you to overhaul your entire lifestyle overnight, these are some easy ways to create positive momentum that can improve your golf game and overall health.

Simple Steps Infographic.png

As you can see, preparation isn’t rocket science. A few minor changes can lead to major outcomes when you’re out there on the course.

Did you enjoy this infographic and find it helpful? Expect more in the near future. Drop a line below if there’s anything you’d like to see specifically!