New to Golf? Here's What You Should Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

At some point in their life, every golfer on the planet was brand new to the game.

Whether golf is completely foreign to you or you’re on the PGA Tour, there was a time that you didn’t know much about golf and had to learn. Some of us had to learn golf etiquette the hard way, whether it was conversation during a playing partner’s backswing or walking through somebody’s putting line.

The infographic below gives a brief rundown of three unwritten rules on the course that every golfer should know. If you’re new to golf or know somebody that is, give it a quick read and share this blog with somebody that can benefit from it.

The Etiquette of Golf.png

Did you enjoy this infographic and find it helpful? Expect more in the near future. Drop a line below if there’s anything you’d like to see specifically!