Fitness for the Fairways Episode 10 - The Benefits of Speed Training for Your Golf Game

On Episode 10 of the Fitness for the Fairways podcast, we sat down with the Director of Education for SuperSpeed Golf, Daisy May Kenny.

Daisy, who's the founder of Biomek Golf, discussed how overspeed and underspeed training are beneficial to your power development. She also covered scenarios where it might not be the best option for you as well as the proper dosage during your training week. This was a fantastic interview about biomechanics and metrics you should be focusing on to improve your skill on the course.

If you enjoyed this conversation and want to learn more about Daisy, check out the avenues below to access more of her content. You can also work with Daisy remotely by contacting her via email or Instagram Direct Message.

Instagram: @biomekgolf

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