90/90 Passive Range Holds for Hip Mobility

We get asked all the time what the best hip mobility exercise is.

Unfortunately, we never have a concrete answer because case-specific questions like this can be answered hundreds of ways.

With this in mind, there are certain drills we like to see our clients execute to ensure we’re progressing in the right direction. 90/90 Hip External Rotation Passive Range Holds are one of those drills.

The video below is a snippet from one of our Virtual Kinstretch Program’s classes, which focused on improving active control of hip external rotation. If you’re able to perform this drill, there’s a good chance you have solid control of your range of motion.

Once you execute these Passive Range Holds, be honest with yourself. Was this drill easy, or did you struggle through it and deal with cramps? If this was difficult, you need to keep working on improving your hips. Hip mobility, just like any other type of skill acquisition, comes down to repeated exposure and execution with intent.

With this in mind, we want to offer you the opportunity to take your mobility training to levels you never thought possible. Our Virtual Kinstretch Program was built with one goal in mind - to provide an interactive experience to help you achieve your mobility goals if you don’t have access to in-person training.

For just a dollar, here’s what you’ll receive:


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