Fitness for the Fairways Episode 11 - Attack Your Movement Deficiencies to Maximize Your Golf Performance

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On Episode 11 of the Fitness for the Fairways podcast, we sat down and discussed how mobility and strength training philosophies for in-season performance and how our mindset shifts as we get closer to the offseason.

As summer sadly winds down, our personal training schemes are going to transition to more of an offseason focus. Up here in the northeast, we're able to dedicate upwards of four months towards our training to ensure we're seeing positive improvement within our game going into next season.

If you're somebody that wants to shave strokes off your handicap this offseason but aren't sure how to, our remote coaching program was designed for you. While we aren't swing instructors, we're capable of providing you with the tools necessary to maximize your movement capabilities.

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The better you move, the more likely you are to swing the club freely with better consistency, all while decreasing your risk of injury.

Interested in working with us? Send us a message via the form below to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to determine what your golf struggles might be and how we can work together to improve them!