Improve Your Trail Wrist Extension for a More Consistent Golf Swing

When it comes to wrist positioning at the top of the backswing, we always talk about bowing (flexing) the lead wrist to help shallow out the club path to allow for more consistent ball striking.

Lead wrist flexion is important, there’s no doubt about it. However, in order for the lead wrist to move further into flexion, the trail wrist has no choice but to move the opposite way into extension.

We often see a lack of wrist extension amongst our amateur golfers. Whether it’s because they’ve previously sprained the wrist or perform repetitive activities that don’t require extension (typing on a keyboard, holding a phone, etc.), we need to gain range of motion to minimize how steep their angle of attack towards the golf ball is.

Shallow swings = consistent swings, which is what we’re working towards with the three wrist extension drills we’ve provided you in the video below.

Wrist mobility goes much deeper than the three drills we’ve laid out in this video. While these drills weren’t specifically prescribed based on your capabilities, we went with three general mobility exercises we believe everybody can benefit from.

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