Fitness for the Fairways Episode 8 - Expressing Explosiveness in the Golf Swing Through Training

On Episode 8 of the Fitness for the Fairways podcast, we sat down with Pam Owens, a strength coach that works with golfers at Royal Oaks Country Club in Houston, Texas

Pam, who was named a 2018 Golf Digest 50 Best Golf-Fitness Professional in America, discussed power training with us as well as how to handle golfers that might not be compliant with their training programs. We talked about how it's much more beneficial to be all-in on a subpar regimen than it is to complete half the work in the best program ever written.

If you enjoyed this conversation and want to learn more about Pam, check out the avenues below to access more of her content. You can also work with Pam online by checking out the services she provides on her website (link below).

Instagram: @pamowensfitness