Introducing the par four performance virtual kinstretch group

Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that both Frank and Joe incorporate into their client's training and rehabilitative programs, respectively.

The goal behind Kinstretch is to learn how to maximize your range of motion by learning how to control your body throughout various movements using just your bodyweight.  This, as you might already know, will lead to improvements on the golf course, in the weight room, and even rolling out of bed in the morning. As the Kinstretch community continues to grow by the day, we're aware that we simply cannot cater to everybody through an in-person setting. Enter the Par Four Performance Virtual Kinstretch Group.

With your membership, we will provide you with:

  • Four (4) monthly Kinstretch classes, one per week, that will break down the in's and out's to proper mobility training, while explaining the importance behind each drill we perform. It's important that you have guidance with your mobility work the same way you do with your actual exercise programming. We have you covered.
  • Four (4) monthly videos, one per week, with an emphasis on the drills we want you to practice every single day during the week. With Kinstretch, there are no magic exercises that will change the way you move immediately. It's our job to hammer home the importance of consistency when looking to improve the way you move.
  • Complete access to our Daily Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) Routine, with a thorough breakdown of each joint and how to perform each CAR.
  • Access to all previous Kinstretch classes as well as the primary weekly drills through our Archive page. Our goal is to provide you with as many practical resources possible to improve your mobility, so these will always be accessible at your fingertips.
  • Unlimited support via email with questions you might have in regards to the program.

Sign up today for our Virtual Kinstretch Classes.

$24.99 per month