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Common misconceptions of fitness and golf

"You don't need to be fit to play golf."
While that may be true, inadequate levels of strength and mobility will leave yards off the tee and increase your risk of injury. 

"I currently stretch before I play, that's good enough." 
Static stretching has been shown to have a short term decrease on power production, nor does it prepare the body for the demands of swinging a club. We want to create active control over our end-ranges of motion to ensure our body is prepared for hitting the links.

"Weight training will make me too stiff to play golf."
We assure you this is a myth.  Mobility and strength go hand-in-hand. You'll find out quick that weight training will give you more mobility and power within your swing.


The par four performance difference

As a team, our ability to bridge the gap between strength & conditioning and physical therapy is what helps us take our client's movement capabilities to a new level.

We aren't swing coaches, but we understand the kinematics of the golf swing and how movement limitations can be the culprits of the flaws in your technique. The more control you have over your range of motion capacities, the better opportunity you have to improve your golf swing. This is something we firmly stand by.

Alongside improving your strength and mobility, we're also connected with some of the best swing coaches in the country. Collectively, our mission is to provide you with the best all-around service we can.

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The par four performance process

A Comprehensive Assessment
Our process starts with a health questionnaire and a video assessment. This allows us to base all training material on your current fitness level and goals.

4-Week Strength & Mobility Programming
Post-assessment, we will develop a program specific to you. All reps, sets, and drills are laid out for you. We don't want you to think about anything but execution when you step into the gym.

Unlimited Communication with Frank and Joe
As a member, you will have unlimited email support and access to our Facebook group. We encourage you to ask questions and post videos for technique feedback.

Get Started today!

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